How did I become a Veterinary Physiotherapist?

I started my career as a small animal veterinary nurse, a job I have always loved. I had a particular love for surgical nursing and everything that encompasses – from pain relief to anaesthesia and ensuring a high standard of animal care was important to me. Understanding behaviour is essential for working safely with animals, whether that be to understand when they are scared/nervous or happy or also showing signs of pain and discomfort.

After seeing so many animals undergo surgical procedures I began to think as well about their recovery, not only in the post-operative phase but in the weeks and months ahead of them – which is when my attention turned to physiotherapy.

I was accepted on the Canine and Equine Physiotherapy Training course (CEPT) which is a level 7 course accredited by the University of Middlesex. Two years of hard work followed and I proudly gained my Advanced Certificate of Veterinary Physiotherapy in 2013.

Since 2013 I have been offering physiotherapy services to veterinary practices and their patients in the Sheffield, Rotherham and North East Derbyshire areas. I see a variety of both surgically and medically managed cases.

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